Smoke/CO Detector Program


A new collaboration between the Ashland Fire Department and the Ashland Community Center. 

The Ashland Youth and Family Services and The Ashland Elder Services have access to over 100 fire alarms for those Ashland families or seniors in need. In celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Kidde® brand, Ashland-based Kidde Fire Systems proudly presented the Town of Ashland with a donation of 100 combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors on November 9th. “It is our sincere hope this donation will help support the town’s senior and youth advisory programs, as well as any family in need, as determined by the town,” said Michael Burcham, Kidde President. 

Th​is​ new program will provide protection to any​one​ in ​Ashland​ that is in need. 

Please call either Susan ​Wells 508-532-7945 or Cara Tirrell 508-532-7946 for information and assistance with the paperwork. The Ashland Fire Department can assist with installation. Please call Lt. Iarussi at 508-881-2323 ext.7450 to make an appointment.