Public Outreach Programs

Adopt A Hydrant

Adopt-a-Hydrant is a program created to help the Ashland Fire Department keep fire hydrants free of snow during the winter season.

Upon arriving at the scene of a fire, firefighters need to immediately locate and gain access to the closest fire hydrant. Crucial time is lost if they must first shovel away the snow. When every minute counts, it would be extremely advantageous if the hydrants could be cleared ahead of time.

Residents can "adopt" one or more of the 1,100 fire hydrants as an individual or with a group or business.

Program Notes:

  • The program is informal and there is no obligation to shovel out adopted fire hydrants; residents can "un-adopt" fire hydrants at any time.
  • Questions can be emailed to Mike Torosian

 Here’s how to enter:

  • Take a picture of yourself (and others if you want!) and of your adopted fire hydrant shoveled out and either email to, post it to our Facebook page or tweet it @AshlandMAFire. Please include your name and fire hydrant’s name, street of hydrant.
  • You can enter one picture per shoveled hydrant and enter after each snowfall (as long as you can shovel it!). So, the more hydrants you shovel, the more chances you have to win.

Shoveling Directions:
Please make it a point to uncover your fire hydrant after each and every snowfall. Clear a path approximately three feet around the hydrant and shovel a path from the street or roadway up to the fire hydrant.

Ashland Fire & Council on Aging Weather Preparedness

Inclement weather and subsequent power outages can seriously impact Ashland's senior population. The Ashland Council on Aging and the Ashland Fire Department have developed a joint program where citizens can sign up for well being checks during those difficult times.

An individual that must be on supplemental oxygen is a prime candidate for this program.

If you are interested in this program or want more information, please contact the Ashland Council on Aging at 508-881-0140.