About the Department

The Ashland Fire department is responsible for safeguarding the lives and property of the people of Ashland. Ashland Fire provides both fire protection and advanced emergency medical service to the Town of Ashland.

Ashland Fire is comprised of:
  • 1 Chief
  • 1 Captain
  • 4 Lieutenants
  • 12 Firefighters
  • 4 Dispatchers
Normal shift strength is 1 Lieutenant, 3 Firefighters, and 1 Dispatcher.


Ashland Fire operates out of 2 stations:
  • Station 1 is located at 151 Main Street and is staffed by 3 Firefighters for a majority of the day.
  • Station 2 is located at 70 Cedar Street and is staffed by 1 Lieutenant and 1 Dispatcher.
Station 2 houses administrative offices and fire dispatch. It is always occupied by at least the dispatcher. Station 1 may be empty due to a run in progress.